There is a life beyond
The sick, perverse, that mad battalion
Who dare to plot and plague
Marching at the front of the parade

Morning strikes a long note
Of loneliness in cold profusion
An empty century
Without a trace of love.

We two have been torn apart
Parallel locked in a desert
By rapid fire greedy kings
They always hit their mark.

Now I walk along with bittersweet anticipation
I am determined to locate calm
Ready to levitate
You are my soul magician
Banish that weeping woman that was me.

You bring a dark angry heart
But I am a stubborn temptress
I kidnap brooding ways
With silver laughter.

Think golden cloud linings
Flying wild after rain.
Hurry to gorgeous prayers
Anything that calms.

Now a poem appears on a forest path primeval
I drift a moment downstream.
I only ask that you
Ever swoon me with a glance
Shiver me homeward in your dreams.

Fortune writes the deepest scars
We know this long unhappy prologue
But tender gestures heal
They too find their mark.

We meet -- the band has played
No cheering crowds are in attendance.
Evening falls amid confetti
Are you awake my love?

©Lisa Parkins. All rights reserved.
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