I am the Blue Fairy that lives in the wood
For a thousand years and more
I've been waiting to serve up more than a meal
To a fantasy boy that wants to be real.
Now I'm here to be your mama
The pure projection of your prepubescent need
So dear one, don't delay, you come here to me!

Rest in peace oval faced little sister
AKA the Beautiful Child
Is in fact the Blue Fairy that dances and sings
I fly around town without any wings.
That girl you abandoned without thinking twice
Knows very well who's been naughty or nice
And just waiting for a moment like this
In the middle of a rather grim dark tale
To bestow on such a puppet a kiss.

If you stay every day
I'll cook up a storm
For I can pack a plate of pasta
Better than any other ragu brand you've ever tasted.
Mornings when you're off to school
A fairy peck upon your wooden cheek
I'm the one you'll wave goodbye too.

Yes, I admit that I'm the One
First daughter of Eve and the seventh son!
An authentic Blue Hair
No Moon Maid am I
With a L'Oreal tint from a package you buy.
Now pledge in Goddess We Trust
And forget your many heartaches and your doubts
Shake a peg Pinocchio
It's time to twist and shout!

At daybreak, I conduct the birds
With a sophisticated harmony
Molto mature for an under age baby.
At night I'll sing old standards
The classic lullabies
Afterwards, I'll tuck you in
And stay by your side
Until you find sweet dreamland!

I am the Blue Fairy
Now don't you forget
I just happen to have a room to let
Tho' that nose of yours grows
So long its a bore
Down the hall and out the door
I will love you unconditionally
To help you to find your humanity
Your guardian angel is here at last
To see you don't stray from the higher path

Boy don't you worry your troubles are over
Now you're the much beloved son of a mother.
So, make a new start and you will find
You will be glad in your heart and your mind.
In every season, especially winter
I care about your every splinter
If you need advice, I'm very wise
I conjure, transform and I exorcise
In addition to all the above
This Blue Fairy will show you the meaning of love.

©Lisa Parkins. All rights reserved.
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